• Dedicated, full-service support every day, all day
  • Extend and enhance your company's IT infrastructure
  • Dynamic, secure and easy-to-use cloud solutions.
  • Reduce infrastructure costs and increase reliability through virtualization.

At IntrinsIQ Technology Group (IntrinsIQ), we have helped many businesses with their IT and technology needs. We are proud to be one of the top technology providers in the province of British Columbia, Canada. Thanks to our flexible IT plans and options, we can supplement your IT staff, function as your Full-Time IT Department or provide hourly services.

Our customized IT plans offer the best solutions, high priority response time and service at reasonable rates. In fact, we do business differently than other IT companies. While most IT firms get paid when systems go down, we monitor your networks, servers, and computers 24/7, for an affordable, flat-rate, monthly fee.

Our IT solutions include:

  • Strategic IT Planning
  • Technical IT Solutions
  • Managed IT Services

We work with all types of businesses, small and medium, across all industries, including: professional services, construction & engineering, health care, financial services, hospitality and manufacturing. IntrinsIQ best serves companies employing between 10 and 200 staff members with one or more servers.

It's simple and easy to make the transition to IntrinsIQ, and we would be happy to talk to you about the benefits of our services and how we can save you money, while solving your IT problems.


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