Cloud Services

Your company can increase scalability and achieve greater control over computing resources with the Rocket Networks cloud services. Wherever you are in your business life cycle, and whatever you are trying to do, Rocket Networks has a dynamic, secure and easy-to-use cloud solution to fit your needs.

Rocket Networks Cloud Services has two options — each with a robust orchestration layer for on-demand computing, a complete suite of Managed Services and a utility billing model so you can pay for only what you use.

Dedicated Private Cloud - your own high availability, highly scalable cloud hosting solution. Iron-clad security and completely under your control. Your Dedicated Private Cloud is a good fit for organizations that must balance high computing & storage requirements with stringent compliance and privacy regulations.

Multi-Tenant “Semi-Private” Cloud still private and secure. The different being is resources shared by other Rocket Network customers. This is the right choice for organizations with variable compute needs that require greater scalability, deployment flexibility and cost savings. These customers are often driven by time-to-market or seasonal demand, deploying rich web applications that require content rendering & bandwidth.